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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Yet more even older stuff...

 So, again, old photos- I took these at Pukkelpop '09 in Belgium, a festival I used to go to every year.  These are pretty much the only photos I've ever taken at festivals; partly out of never taking my camera in case it gets nicked and also just not being bothered (which is the main reason I'm not much of a photographer)

 However, I still think these came out pretty well considering I took them on my phone camera ( I know "a poor workman always blames his tools" and all that, but honestly, everyone else who has a Samsung G600; or I think that's t anyway, also says it's pretty lame in most ways. Also the light conditions were, for the most part, balls as it was really overcast (as you can see from above) or in fact, nighttime. 

Still, I kind of like them. Sometimes the most garbage cameras take awesome pictures- and if they don't, well you can just blame your tools!

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