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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Is the UK Anti-craft?

Before I begin, I'd like to make it clear that this is not really a structured and possibly not even coherent entry. It's really just a rant. 

I've always been interested in craft to a certain extent. When I was little I sewed and attempted to knit stuff for my dolls' house, made little ornaments for my gran; as a teenger I made a lot of clothes for myself and made my own jewellery, and now, as an adult (I like to think) I make (still my own clothes), but also, my at, things for my home and other useful-ish stuff. The interest has nothing to do with my mother; or anyone else I came into contact with as a child, it was never a bonding activity handed down for generations: I just liked doing it , and still do. 

 This kind of follows up my last post, in again complaining about the art world's dismissal of craft as an activity but it's not even just that. Crafting etc. is possibly seen as the least cool thing ever here in the UK, and to a certain extent, Europe; whereas judging by the quantity of information on crafting, craft groups, craft lessons, craft materials etc. etc. almost ALL posted from the States, it must be either something thats never died, over having a huge revival. 

 Personally, I think it has to be beneficial to younger people; to make something yourself that's totally unique in a social climate that centres around mass-production and disposable purchases I think would make people start to truly appreciate the value of objects again. 

Not that I'm suggesting an excessive turn-around; going back to log cabins and making everything from scratch... I just think that there are better things to do with your hands than type into Facebook every time you go to the bathroom in a day. 

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